The Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) was passed in 1990 to ensure accessibility for those the disabled. These laws are periodically updated and revised. ADA compliance is a necessity that when not met, can lead to fines and lawsuits. We perform many ADA upgrades, including handicap parking stalls, access aisles, curb ramps, signage and markings, truncated domes, and more.

Work by S2 Sealing and Striping Inc.

S-2 Sealing and Striping suggests contacting us in advance to discuss
your asphalt condition. We believe in preventive maintenance!
What is Asphalt? Asphaltic concrete is a mixture of mineral
aggregates, sand and hard rock, mixed together with liquid
 asphalt binder and heated to form what is commonly known
as asphalt. It is a fine, cost-effective product, but not

Seal coating - Sealers will protect asphalt from petroleum
 spills of fuel, oil and solvents, which attack the pavement
and seep beneath the surface, softening the asphalt and
reducing adhesion. They will also protect against sun and rain,
which cause oxidation that can lead to raveling, cracks and even potholes.

Crack repairs - Sealing cracks in asphalt will prevent water from getting into cracks and causing further foundation damage. 

ASPHALT REPAIR - Asphalt repairs are essentially "spot repairs". Specific problem areas, if small enough, are repaired with new Hot Mix Asphalt.
Asphalt repairs are needed any time you have a pothole or damaged areas. If not remedied quickly, these small areas will worsen and require much more work. Potholes are also a safety hazard to vehicles and pedestrians.

Asphalt removal and replacement is necessary when the surface has been neglected and unmaintained. In these cases, water infiltration undermines the sub-grade material and must be replaced.

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